Types of CBD Tinctures and How to Choose the Right One     

Types of CBD Tinctures and How to Choose the Right One     

CBD tinctures are alcohol-based tinctures made from a cannabis strain with a high CBD content. These are made by steeping a high-CBD source plant in high-proof grain alcohol for a long time, then applying low heat for a long time.

Since tinctures are concentrated, they can provide relief almost immediately. It reaches the bloodstream directly when taken sublingually and achieves the desired result in a short period. High-quality brands like Lazarus Naturals ensure that the tincture is tested and safe. 

Types of CBD Tinctures

Here are the three types of tinctures in the market:

  • Isolate (CBD)
  • Full Spectrum CBD 
  • Broad Spectrum CBD 

Full-Spectrum Tincture

Full-spectrum is a tincture containing all cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and molecular compounds existing in the source plant. They will contain the same amount of THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid) as the source plant. 

The tincture goes through the cannabinoid extraction process and filtration in a broad spectrum extract, but none of the cannabinoids or other compounds are extracted. CBD tincture containing a full-plant extract has more therapeutic properties than CBD alone. Since the tincture has all of the cannabinoids and other chemical compounds, you can experience the entourage effect, which is the beneficial result of chemical synergies.

Broad-Spectrum Tincture

A broad-spectrum tincture has all cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and molecular compounds found in the source plant except for THC. After extracting a full-spectrum extract, it is put through a series of chemical processes to remove only the THC.

CBD tincture with a broad spectrum is a good compromise between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD tinctures. Except for THC, it contains all of the valuable chemical compounds, so you’re likely to reap some of the entourage effect’s benefits.

You might find it hard to find a broad spectrum CBD when compared to other CBD tincture types. It goes through the similar extraction process as its counterparts. If you reside in an area where THC is illegal, then you might prefer this tincture. The THC is extracted in the last stages of processing.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is a tincture that is made up entirely of CBD. This tincture contains no other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, or molecular compounds other than CBD. After the cannabinoids are removed, the CBD is purified. All the chemical compounds are removed through a cooling process. It is known as winterization.

Isolate is usually sold as a crystal or powder, but some companies also sell it as a tincture. It’s produced using the same extraction method as other CBD tinctures except that the cannabinoids are extracted.

Which CBD Tincture should you choose?

Due to the entourage effect, a full-spectrum CBD may have more benefits. The combination of the cannabinoids is said to create an effective tincture that provides therapeutic and medical relief. 

If you do not want any trace of THC in your tincture, broad-spectrum CBD may be a good option. You’ll still get some benefits from the entourage influence but without the THC. If you want the purest form of tincture with nothing but CBD, you should choose a CBD isolate. 

Other Guidelines to Selecting CBD Tincture

You should choose your tincture product based on the following factors to enjoy maximum quality and purity.

Potency: You should check for the concentration of active ingredients in the product.

Pricing: High-quality CBD products do not come cheap, so beware of these tinctures.

Hemp: Make sure the hemp is organically sourced and non-GMO. 

Third-party testing: A Certificate of Analysis ensures that the CBD has been tested for quality by a third-party lab.

Brand reputation: Always purchase from reliable sources like Lazarus Naturals that have good reviews.

Extraction process: CO2 extraction is the process that promises the best quality CBD tincture.


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