7 Best Designer Work Bags for Women

7 Best Designer Work Bags for Women

Small things matter in professional world! The kind of accessory you carry to your workplace, the kind of dress you wear in meetings, the kind of shoes you wear; everything matters. If you are clumsy in managing your daily essentials to office (by carrying an inappropriately sized bag) then you will not leave a great impression at work. If you do not want to mess it up, you can go through the list of 7 handbags that we have compiled for you, that are perfect for any professional space. 

Fendi Leather Tote


This is a sleek one from Fendi and suits best in any kind of formal situation. The oversized tote bag is made of polished Italian leather and is good to carry your laptop, documents, etc, to office. You can either use the handheld strap or carry it on your shoulder with the help of adjustable strap. With minimalistic design and shiny gold ‘FF’ metal logo in front, you can pair it with any kind of formal outfit. This piece is sure to turn a few heads toward you! 

Gucci GG Marmont Tote

best women work bags Gucci GG Marmont tote review - Luxe Digital

If you are up for a Vintage feel bag from Gucci, then you should check out Matmont tote by the designer label. This piece has been crafted with smooth calf leather and is an original from Italy itself. In the front, you will find the famous ‘GG’ monogram in golden. The size of this bag ensures that you face no trouble in carrying your office essentials; there is one zip pocket in the inside of the bag where you can keep your valuables very safely. If you do not like the shoulder strap of the bag, you can simply detach it and handheld it. 

Sac De Jour by Saint Laurent

Image 1 of Saint Laurent nano Sac De Jour tote bag

Fashion fiends would love this piece by Saint Laurent. The structured shape, the standard Saint Laurent style, and the contemporary feel are some reasons to choose this piece. This bag talks power and women holding a powerful position in a company would definitely fall for this piece. This is one of the best pieces to carry around your documents and your other office essentials. It is an iconic piece and a must have in the wardrobes of working female. For luxury & contemporary fashion visit 24S & use the discount coupons and offers to save your hard earned cash. 

Burberry Medium Society Leather Tote


When you wish to carry your essentials in an absolute total style, you ought to choose something like tote by Burberry! It is not a usual straight tote bag, instead it is a bit curved from the top; this gives a lot of room to carry your belongings comfortably. The bag is made from calfskin leather and it feels very smooth when you touch it. If you do not change your work bag very often then this is one durable piece that will definitely last long. 

Bottega Veneta Intreciatto Handbag 

Bottega Veneta Bags - Bottega Veneta - Small Arco Leather Tote

Sophisticated and elegant are the two words that would describe this bag from Bottega Veneta. The bag comes in a variety of sizes and you will get that signature leather weaving design in all the sizes. Some of the colour options that you have are red, pink, yellow, green, brown, white, beige and black. This designer bag looks effortless, as far as the design of the bag is concerned. You can carry a 15-inch laptop in this bag, along with few other essentials. This is a brilliant pick, if you like timeless bag designs. 

Dolce & Gabbana Large Sicily 62 Tote

Image 1 of Dolce & Gabbana large Sicily tote

This tote option is very different from the one you have just read about. This bag is more about a sturdy construction (without any compromise of the softness of the material), stylish design and sleek look. The bag has gold hardware and you will also find the brand’s shiny logo in the front of the bag. You will be thankful for the feet attached to bottom of the bag because that will keep your bag scratch-free! If you want, you can remove the detachable shoulder strap and carry the bag in your hand. 

Prada Double Bag

Prada Small Saffiano Leather Double Prada Bag 1

Do you like to match your bag with your dress, every time you go to office? If yes, then this piece from Prada will come as a big relief! The double bag from Prada is a timeless piece, plus it is extremely durable one; it can last for years if you wish to carry a bag for so long! The bag is made of Saffiano leather which gives a unique texture to the bag, apart from ensuring longevity of the bag. You can get the bag in powder pink shade as well; so, if you dress up in dark shades, you can easily pair your dress with pink colour Prada double bag. 

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