Places to Take Pictures in Charlotte NC

Places to Take Pictures in Charlotte NC

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a major city in the U.S, and visiting it is a fantastic experience. If you enjoy shooting photos, the Instagrammable spots in Charlotte are just perfect, and Charlotte has a plethora of beautiful photo opportunities.

Best Parks in Charlotte

Charlotte is unquestionably a bustling metropolis, with parks, gardens, and green areas extending from the city’s centre to the outskirts. Greenway systems link the area’s parks, making them ideal for more daring trekkers and bikers.

  • Freedom Park: Freedom Park, sometimes called “Central Park of Charlotte,” is situated in the Myers Park/Dilworth neighbourhood and is bordered by the affluent home design. Tons of concrete trails runoff from the park’s central seven-acre lake, ideal for runners and bikers.
  • UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens: The UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens are situated on the university’s east side and are accessible by both students and the general public. The gardens, which first opened in 1966, were designed as a teaching tool for biology students.
  • Reedy Creek Park: Reedy Creek Park is located 146 acres away from the Uptown crowd and offers a variety of amenities, events, and recreational opportunities. 
  • Latta Plantation Nature Center: The Latta Plantation Nature Center, a historical monument and stunning botanical garden close to the Catawba River, is situated in the suburbs.  

Charlotte Theme Park

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With the warmer weather and lengthier days, afternoons with the crew could be spent touring local entertainment and water parks.

  • Carowinds: This nearby amusement park spans over 407 acres in two states: North and South Carolina! Carowinds, which first opened its doors on March 31, 1973, is currently a year-round destination for families seeking pleasure.
  • Tweetsie Railroad: Tweetsie Railroad is a Wild West theme park where you can enjoy lower summer temperatures while exploring. If you have someone who enjoys trains, they will enjoy the 3-mile journey drawn by one of the railroad’s two antique steam locomotives.
  • Emerald Pointe Wet n’ Wild: Wet n’Wild at Emerald Point, which provides tons of excitement and more than 36 rides and attractions, is the place to go if you like wet adventures.
  • Dollywood: Dollywood, founded by Dolly Parton, is a theme park in the centre of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee that includes rides, thrills, entertainment, cuisine, and entertainment.

Charlotte Children Museum

There are various museums in Charlotte that provide both entertainment and instruction. The stereotype of a museum as a dull location mustn’t deter you from planning an entertaining and educational excursion with your children.

  • Randolph Mint Museum: This children’s museum offers the finest for youngsters via engaging and educational programs from its inception. Their lovely galleries allow both children and adults to learn about old American history, pottery and decorative arts, African and European art, and many other topics.
  • Nature’s Discovery Place: Though Discovery Place Nature appears to be little, the inside holds mysteries for you and your children. Children could connect with and educate from nature in places like the butterfly garden, snake park, turtle park, etc. It places wildlife directly before a child’s eyes, allowing them to examine and study about it.
  • Science at the Discovery Place: This museum offers a guided tour of unique activities, events, and displays for children. Their staff lets the children explore on their own while observing and guiding them as needed. Your child engages with various exhibits, including marine life, the physical figure, physics, ecological showcase, and more.
  • Wells Fargo Museum: The iconic 1850 stagecoach adds to the enjoyment at this free museum, which offers a variety of hands-on events, exhibits, and antiques for kids. It’s a hidden gem that describes the vivid and exciting history of Wells Fargo in the past and its phases of progress.
  • Huntersville’s Discovery Place: It’s a really nice environment, and their focus on children is evident in their stands, showcases, and events. Begin at the cement plant, then move on to the submarine table, an actual fire vehicle, and much more while ensuring that the youngsters are active and entertained. There are a variety of interesting and educational activities available, allowing the children to select what they enjoy the best.
  • McGuire Nuclear Station’s Energy Explorium: This is a great venue for kids wishing to learn about nuclear history and evolution. It teaches students about nuclear power and mentions Lake Norman. The nuclear power industry has piqued the interest of all Americans and children wishing to learn more about the way it works, including the drawbacks and benefits it provides.
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